Touch Base Tuesday - September, 2014

Brenda's Banter

"Capable People. Quality Work.

Last week we were visited by the Leadership Benton County Class of 2014. Each year they visit several non-profits to learn about their missions and how they serve the people of Benton County. It was a large group this year and some in the group knew about Open Avenues but surprisingly, a few in the group were unfamiliar with us and really didn't know what we do or to whom we provide services. Even those who were familiar said it meant so much more to see first-hand, how productive our clients are and to learn more about the people we serve. One participant said she always thought we only provided services to people with intellectual disabilities. The criteria for admission to Open Avenues is you must be 16 years of age or older and you must have a diagnosed disability. So we do serve people with intellectual disabilities, as well as other developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. But we also provide services to people with mental illness, people with physical disabilities, and people who have a head injury as a result of a fall or an automobile accident, for example. We open avenues to learning and success to people with all types of disabilities and we believe Open Avenues contributes to the good life in Northwest Arkansas. We hope that's what the Leadership Benton County Class of 2014 learned when they visited last week.

Brenda Neal is the Executive Director at Open Avenues.

Industrial Partner Profile

Our folks love doing new jobs and the Northwest Arkansas Business Women's Conference is a happy diversion from the ordinary. For the last several years Open Avenues has put together the goody bag for the women who attend the conference. It always has lots of neat and useful items and a lot of questions and statements from our clients like "I wonder what this is for," or "wow, there sure are a bunch of these." At Open Avenues we love in and out jobs just like these goody bags. They are a great break for the daily grind. To see our great workers in action, stop by Open Avenues some time. No appointment required and the coffee is always on.

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Client Connection

As I approached the group working on sealing the Ring Snuggies' packaging, I couldn't help but hear Joyce's contagious laughter and see how easily it spread to her coworkers. Without missing a beat, she continued to work as we talked about what led her to Open Avenues. After an injury in 2003 left Joyce in chronic pain, she thought she would never have the opportunity to work again. She battled depression with the pain and "almost lost hope", she told me. And, then in January of this year, she found Open Avenues.
Joyce has excelled at assembling Jotto Desk's laptop mounting stations for use in emergency vehicles. She enjoys the multi-layered steps required to assemble each desk top that keep her mind busy and finds it keeps her from aggravating her injury.
"Open Avenues gave me a chance to get back out, to be part of the real world again." Joyce has found a place where she can work, build friendships and be a part of the community again. Her bright smile says it all!

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Foundation Focus

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Each year around this time, we begin raising money for our transportation program at Open Avenues. A $35 investment, provides a client a ride to work and home again for a whole month. You can make a direct impact on a person's productivity today.


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Open Avenues Staff

Brenda Neal, Executive Director
Elizabeth Duncan - Resource Director
Eddie Duncan - Job Placement / Procurement Officer
Jeff Hairston - Work Center Manager

At Open Avenues, we would love to have you visit our facility to see the range of work our clients can do for you!

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